The PMDD Phenomenon

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The first book to clearly explain this new disorder and offer treatment options

Afflicting an estimated 3 million women in the United States, PMDD is an extreme form of PMS in which the physical and psychological symptoms are often so severe that they strain social, familial, and work relationships to the breaking point. The PMDD Phenomenon EPUB EBook Despite the rapidly growing body of scientific research into its causes and cures, PMDD continues to be a bone of contention among medical professionals, and many women who suffer from it are still told that it's all in their heads. The first consumer book written on this condition and authored by a nationally respected expert on the treatment of this condition, The PMDD Phenomenon:

Helps readers determine whether they have PMDDExplains the full spectrum of prescription and nonprescription drug therapiesCovers major alternative treatmentsFeatures inspiring and informative case studies of women who have battled PMDD Like this book? Read online this: A History of Women in the United States, Twilight Phenomenon.

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