The Playboy of the Western World

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a narcissisticanda possessive fatherwho isenvious
of his son
growing independence. The Playboy of the Western World EPUB EBook
Mahon's (the father ) conviction is that Christy (the son) is and ALWAYS be a fool, liar and a dribbling idiot who is beaten into submission

he couldn't believe then that his son could be that likely man or that champion playboy
Christy'sreaction to this oppression isby killing his fatherand fleeing after
till the last scene the father feel the need to control
and ask his son to come with him Home
after histhirdtrial to kill him!
wasSynge symbolizing for another oppression?

the cult ofhero worshiping
that usually arise in defeated communities that build their own hero and unit with him.

the mentality of masses
and the Crowd psychology
make it easier to understandwhywould

they all (,people of the County of Mayo) regard the murder as a symbolic event ,not only this but thatit was Christy 's (,the son) right to kill his father and, that it is a good thing to do
his worshipers created
a heroic action
from the murder
by the mystery and greatness they added by their description to every single detail.

only when they witnessed the murder it becamea criminal action?
and they all call for his hanging.
the young hero has at last, overcome the impediment of parental power

andPegeen,his loverregretand grieved that she has turned onhim announcing that shehas lost the onlyplayboy in the western world
and consoling herself by her words
there is a great gap between a gallous story and a dirty deed
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