The Place My Words are Looking For

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"You can't orderpoem like you order a taco. The Place My Words are Looking For EPUB EBookWalk up to the counter, say 'I'll take two,' and expect it to be handed to you on a shiny plate. This is how Naomi Shahib Nye introduces her process for writing a poem, where her ideas come from, and how she expresses her ideas poetically. In this collection, 39 poets share their poetry as well as their inspirations, where they get their ideas, their memories, their personal writing processes,and how they go about translating their thoughts into the artistic genre of poetry. Readers not only enjoy the poetry of such luminaries as Gwendolyn Brooks, Myra Cohn Livingston, Paul Fleishman, and Cynthia Rylant, but are also offered inspirational advice and insight into the literary processes of these famous writers.

We all know the value of exposing our students to a wide and broadrange of fine literature, and hoping that through such comprehensive exposure to good writing, that their favorite authors maysomeday become their mentors, and that they will develop a personal literary voice that may echo the words or style of writers whose language has made a signifcant impression on them. In this anthology, 39 famous writers share the secrets of their success, who were their writing mentors,and how they found the words to make their audiences feel, hear,and understand something that regular prose cannot convey. This collection is appropriate for intermediate students and older. Like this book? Read online this: Rules for Writers, 5th Edition & Transition to College Writing, The Truest of Words (Words, #3).

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