The Pharaohs

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The pharaoh was more than a king- EPUBhe was "the highest priest forall the gods, the head of the army and the owner of all the riches ofEgypt. The Pharaohs EPUB EBook" Using numerous supporting illustrations, timelines, maps, andphotographs, Ikram chronologically introduces the pharaohs from Menes,who unified Egypt in 3050 BCE, to Cleopatra VII, whose death in 31 BCEmarked the end of Egyptian self-rule for the next 1,500 years.Inaddition to examining the highlights of the thirty centuries that thepharaohs ruled, Ikram discusses how hieroglyphics and ancient Egyptianart help scholars understand the lives of the pharaohs.The book is anexcellent introduction for the young enthusiast. Like this book? Read online this: Gifts from the Pharaohs, Gifts from the Pharaohs.

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