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After seeing a production of Craig Wright's THE UNSEEN a few years ago, I immediately went to amazon and bought everything else I could find by the playwright. The Pavilion - EPUB Acting Edition EPUB EBook THE PAVILION was my favorite. The first few pages had all the hairs on my arms standing straight up. They just really sort of nailed the question of existence, and how we all came to be, in this really pure and poetic way. Hard to describe, but very affecting. The rest unfolds into a lovely, eerily honest relationship story. Very worth a read. An excerpt: "...Monkeys in slow motion turn into women and men and soon campfires dot the plains for days in every direction. And around each campfire, minds spring to life like sudden stars in a blank, black sky. The tiny tea leaf of consciousness spreads its bittersweet smoke through the sea of the primitive mind. Law is invented; download; then morality, then love, then forgiveness. Thousands and thousands of ideas, knit together over time, each one less practical and more ornamental than the last, all stretched taut above the wandering, wondering heads like a little pavilion; a temporary shelter for the human project... " Like this book? Read online this: The Making of the Royal Pavilion, Brighton, Blues for an Alabama Sky - Acting Edition.

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