The Orchid Murders

EPUB EBook by John Simpson

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Anderson Williams is a Literature Professor at NYU and he has the perfect life—loving and understanding father, wonderful friends, great students. The Orchid Murders EPUB EBook Then suddenly all that is turned upside- EPUBdown when his father gets murdered and a sexy but annoying cop, Sam Morgan, waltzes into his life.

Sam Morgan is after a murderer, plain and simple—not love, not Anderson’s tantrum. But as one murder leads to another, he finds he is spending more and more time with Anderson. The professor begins to seep beneath his skin and Sam knows he cannot allow that. He has to stop this killer and get out without losing his life or his heart.

The killer, whose calling card is the orchid, seeks revenge for an age-old slight. Will he succeed with all his plans? Like this book? Read online this: The Still Life of Hannah Morgan, Fox & the Orchid.

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