The Olive Tree

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Troubled by challenges her own South of France farm is experiencing—attack by a virulent pest and the premature ripening of the trees' fruits—Carol realizes new approaches to farming are becoming essential. The Olive Tree EPUB EBook Traditional customs have been set aside while the use of excessive chemicals is putting crop harvests at risk. Changing patterns within the world's climate demand urgent action. Carol's quest takes her south through Spain, Morocco, Algeria, and Italy before she finally returns to her farm. As a woman traveling alone, she is frequently vulnerable and never more so than in Algeria where, on her arrival, terrorist bombs devastate the capital. Determined not to give up, Carol accepts the support of a network of beekeepers who parcel her across troubled territories. Through her travels Carol confronts some of the critical issues of our time—land- EPUBcare and the harsh realities of diminishing water reserves—and ends her momentous journey in the company of olive growers whose vision for the future is remarkable and ingenious. This is a gripping narrative of an intrepid and unusual journey around the western shores of the 21st-century Mediterranean. Like this book? Read online this: A Joyful Carol, Olive Oil.

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