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Granta has long been known for the quality of its travel writing. The New Granta Book of Travel EPUB EBook The 1980s were the
culmination of a golden age, when writers including Paul Theroux and Bruce Chatwin, James Hamilton- EPUBPaterson and James Fenton set out to document life in largely unfamiliar territory, bringing back tales of the beautiful, the extraordinary and the unexpected. By the mid 1990s, travel writing seemed to change, as a younger generation of writers that appeared in the magazine made journeys for more complex and often personal reasons. Decca Aitkenhead reported on sex tourism in Thailand, and Wendell Steavenson moved to Iraq as foreign correspondent. What all these pieces have in common is a sense of engagement with the places they describe, and a belief that whether we are in Birmingham or Belarus, there is always something new to be discovered. Like this book? Read online this: The Best Travel Writing 2009, The Little Giant® Book of Travel Fun.

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