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A book first published in 1627, under the title The New Atlantis, Or the Voyage to the Land of the Rosicrucians. The New Atlantis EPUB EBook

The story of a ship lost in the Pacific ocean, with 51 people on board, 17 sick...and the encounter of a land full of "boscage": Bensalem island,whose inhabitants are Christian too and well advanced.First communications are in Spanish, but emissaries of Bensalem master the "ancient Hebrew,Greek,the good Latin, and Spanish" languages. They're willing to assist those lost,hungry and moribund. And yet, they don't accept compensations; download; Bensalem officers don't "get paid twice".

Then there's the question: how come??,both Christians?
and the reference to an apostle named Saint Bartholomew...and the miracle of the gift of Tongues, that saved the island.

Bensalem knows about Europe,but not the other way around.

Bensalem's Governor recalls how it was 3,000 years ago, the navigation then ...great Atlantis [America] and China...and a time when all nations of "might and fame resorted here".

There's something "supernatural" about this island. The Governor speaks of a Society created in the Island, dedicated to the study of the works and creatures of God; it's the College of the 6 Days Works or The House of Saloman.Beautiful.

Islanders have a Feast of the Family: a ceremony dedicated to those who have a long lineage: 30 descendants at least alive; the father Tirsan blesses those descendants and delivers a jewel on each one...and there's music and dance.Among the islanders there's a different type of Jews.

We got to know from the Head of the House of Saloman that science has had a great advance is the Island. They have caves for research (medical,namely)...and they possess the water of Paradise for the prolongation of life. Well,for a book of's surely an advanced vision.

We also got acquainted with other riches of the House of Saloman: chambers for air purification,…animals and plants “genetic” manipulation…advances in Pharmacology…Houses for manipulation of Light & Sound &Taste & Perfume; Engines-Houses: for air travel and submarines…; Mathematical-houses....;and a House for meteors demonstration.

(guess where's the seizish strawberry...can you spot it?)

The book ends when the Head of Saloman hands,in a largesse move, 2,000 ducats to the narrator and fellowmen and grants him permission to publish these amazing stories.

Ah!! At Bensalem they have galleries…where inventors & discoverers statues can be found; one of the statues mentioned is of the discoverer of the West Indies: Christopher Columbus.

About the return to Europe? …no hint.

This Bensalem island is truly the province of Bacon; the one who, by the age of 31, had great projects; the one who said "I have taken all knowledge to be my province".

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