The New Age Herbalist

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We have all grown increasingly aware of the potential — and documented — dangers of the chemical toxins that surround us. The New Age Herbalist EPUB EBook "The New Age Herbalist" is a compendium of healthy alternatives, an indispensable guide for contemporary natural living. Created by a team of experts, it offers:

A full- EPUBcolor illustrated glossary of more than 200 herbs, describing their properties, active ingredients, and traditional uses around the world

A guide to using herbs for scent, for decoration, and even as chemical-free housekeeping aids

Tips on using herbs for skin care and beauty, by making natural shampoos, lotions, soaps, and cosmetics

A review of culinary herbs, with some unusual recipes that use familiar herbs in delightful new ways

An examination of the growing science of herbal healing, discussing herbal remedies — including stress relievers — and the scientific research that validates them

A complete herb gardening plan, with advice on choosing symbiotic herbs, designing and scheduling plantings, and preserving the harvest by freezing and drying

Fascinating, authoritative, packed with information presented in a stunning visual style, "The New Age Herbalist" will be the home herb user's bible for years to come.

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