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"At the far end of England, a land of rocks and moorland stretches itself out into a blue- EPUBgreen sea. The Mousehole Cat EPUB EBook...One of these harbours is so small and the entrance between its great stone breakwaters is so narrow that fishermen called it 'the Mousehole'.The people who lived in the cottages around the harbor grew fond of the name and they call their village Mousehole to this day.They say it in the Cornish way, 'Mowzel', but you may say it any way you choose.

"Once there lived in the village a cat whose name was Mowzer.She had an old cottage with a window overlooking the harbor, and old rocking-chair with patchwork cushions and an old fisherman named Tom."

So begins this lovely, sweet, cozy and thrilling tale of Mowzer, and her human Old Tom. Life was happy and sweet in Mousehole until the one winter when the great Storm-Cat came to play in the harbor, trying to catch mice-men whenever they tried to put out to sea and go fishing.One day, Old Tom decides that he must be the one to bring fish to the starving villagers, for he has no wife or parents to mourn for him if the storm catches him, and his children are all grown. Mowzer feels much the same and, in her love for old Tom, accompanies him.But Mowzer has tamed many a wild tom cat before, and perhaps she will have a way to calm the Storm-Cat, too.

I loved this book so much I can't really write an adequate review.It's one of those books that just spoke to me.It is just brimming with love and fondness, for cats, for good people, for people who love cats and cats who love their people, for brave souls, for the seafaring life, and for the dear town of Mousehole, which is a very real place:

This story is inspired by the old Cornish legend of Tom Bawcock and his festival is celebrated each year:
"In the past, villagers have suffered from the effects of winter storms - one of these events is commemorated annually shortly before Christmas on 'Tom Bawcock's Eve' where a monstrous fish pie is baked and consumed by the patrons of the Inn on the quayside. This event, which becomes a major village party, attracts visitors from both the surrounding district and from all over the world."

If you love cats, England, the sea and/or gorgeous illustrations, don't miss this gem!

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