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I really liked the illustrations in this book. The Moon Clock EPUB EBook The layout was different for me, too. A bit comic book like, but still easy to follow. (I have the hardest time trying to follow graphic novels!) The story and adventure are fun. The imagination is great. The humor was enjoyable (especially as portrayed in some of the smaller details of the illustrations). And I like that she "found" Mr. Kolshinsky at the end. Rotunda was a little creepy, but still humorous, too.

I was left with a bit of a "huh" when I finished reading the book. But I think that's the whole point of one's imagination being put on paper. Some will get it, some won't. And some—like me—will get parts of it. I think children will certainly enjoy the story. I just don't know how I could quite fit it into my Time & download; Schedules storytime, unless I pull in the lunchtime aspect. Too busy and full a book to be read aloud in storytime. But a lap read would be perfect. Will definitely book talk this one. Like this book? Read online this: Johnny Goes to First Grade. Bedtime Stories Book For Children's (Good night & Bedtime Children's Story E-book Collection). For children ages 3-8., The 120 Hour Clock.

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