The Monkey's Raincoat / Stalking The Angel (Elvis Cole, #1, #2)

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I started reading Cole because i read Pike. The Monkey's Raincoat / Stalking The Angel (Elvis Cole, #1, #2) EPUB EBook..and like it.
Style of witting is different.Cole is written in the first person, so we know what Cole thinks about all the time.Cole, unlike Pike, drips with sarcasm which is OK.

Unlike other private eyes, Cole is a little more laid back, he does yoga, eat healthy food and keeps a cat in the house. He doesn't go bank bang all the time but when he does, he and Pike can be real mean.And because the stories are written in the first person, there is a lot of down time, when Cole finds himself not doing anything at home.

There is plenty of that at the beginning and things usually speeds up towards the end.

This version is a 2 books omnibus comprising the first and the second adventures of Elvis Cole.

The Monkey's raincoat introduces the readers to Elvis Cole, a yoga practicing, health food eating, cat loving detective.A man goes out to pick up his son never came home.Distraught wife with best friend contacts Cole to look for the man.Cole later found the man dead, but not the son. Some digging later found that man was planning to run away with a hottie but gunned down at close range being suspected of stealing a bag o drugs by some nasty baddies.

The Stalking angel is about a rich investor who was into everything Japanese.He had in his possession the Hagakure, a super valuable ancient book on the way of the warrior which was then stolen.Rich man, Bradley Warren, under the advisory of his lady advisory Jillian Becker, hires Cole to look for the book and then when after a a threatening phone call for his daughter Mimi, guard his family.During the man of the month ceremony, mimi was kidnapped.However, Cole along with the chief of Warren's security, were fired.Unhappy over issues not nicely tied up, Cole and Pike went hunting for Mimi and the Hagakure.

The stories were OK, not as memorable as my outing with Pike.Would I read another Cole? Why not, if I have the time.Would i go hunting for another Cole book, why not, if I can get them cheap as I did this one.
Perhaps like all other heroes, I would eventually warm up to Cole.But these two outings with Cole had not done it for me.Not yet. Like this book? Read online this: I'll Take You To Mrs Cole!, The Empty Raincoat.

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