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It always bugs me when people say things like, "Oh, you're becoming a mom? They say you lose 25% of your brain matter with each child! Ha ha ha!" First of all, I know it's a joke, and it's supposed to be funny, but I don't even relate to that enough to think it's funny. The Mommy Brain EPUB EBook If anything, I have been stretched and challenged more by being a parent than anything else in life.

So I was happy to find a book that supports my point of view with examples of scientific studies. They did a lot of before and after brain wave studies on female rats — those who were parents, and those who weren't — and found interesting differences. Being the skeptic that I am, I know that these studies don't "prove" anything huge and general, like "MOMS ARE SMARTER THAN THE REST OF YOU! HA!", but it does seem like having offspring enhances certain areas of the brain.

The latter half of the book was mainly anecdotal and statistical evidence that I found less interesting. It was kind of neat to see how prominent working moms thought that their mothering had influenced their work, but not really that surprising to me. And the author seemed to believe that not many women choose to stay at home with their kids, but the statistics they used were for women with kids of all ages (not just pre- EPUBK), and included part-time work as well to make it seem like all mothers work a lot outside the home. Not a big deal, and I wouldn't even bring it up except that she mentioned it several times.

So if you're interested in psychology and/or neuroscience and parenthood (a lot of the research applies to dads and grandparents, too), I'd recommend at least the first half of this book. Take or leave the other half. Like this book? Read online this: The Most Popular Fiction Book, Product, Novel, Gift, and Item Sold of All Time for Women, Men, and Kids, Mommy's Big Boy 3 (Mommy's Big Boy, #3).

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