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"Honey, nothin' can live unless something dies. The Misfits EPUB EBook"

Reno, Nevada is where marriages go to die. In effect, part of the divorcees' lives die as well. This novella/script is about broken people trying desperately to find matching parts to feel whole again.

If you didn't know, The Misfits was written for the screen by Arthur Miller for his then wife Marilyn Monroe to star in. But there's more. Miller was bored and married when he first met Monroe at a Hollywood party; download; smitten, he obsessed over Monoroe when he went back to his wife to continue his dull life. After an unpleasant divorce, Miller, the lucky bastard, married Monroe. While Miller was finishing The Misfits, it became apparent Monroe's severe behavior was beyond repair and divorce would inevitable. Thus, there's a layer of doom coating almost all of the story.

Unsurprisingly, the writing is great. It's a strange brew of a play with elements of both a novel and film- EPUBmaking notes. The story follows Roslyn (Monroe) freshly divorced in Reno and meeting three men: Gay (yep, that's his name), an old cowboy who has little use for long-term relationships, but swears he's found a match in Roslyn (though Roslyn is unsure she sees it in him). Guido, a desperate lonely old man everyone presumes is an innocent grandfatherly type. Perce, a young rebellious cowboy heading down Gay's road in life, unless Roslyn is his fork in the road.

The methodical character revelations and clashes are the soul of the story. At times the symbolism (the lonely house in the barren desert, the "misfit" mares of no use) are heavy-handed. Maybe I read too much frustrating literature like Faulkner, but I really enjoyed picking up on metaphorical clues easily for once in my life.

I've never been through a divorce, but if (or "when," knowing me!) I would consider The Misfits as therapeutic reading. It's important in a historical sense given AM and MM's lasting legacy. It's maybe the only part novella/script/play in existence. Plus, you can compare it to the esteemed film. All that in a cozy 100 pages.

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