The Miracle of Self-Discipline

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Short audiobook that can be finished in an hour. The Miracle of Self- EPUBDiscipline EPUB EBook Enthusiastic speaker. Self-discipline seems to be a multi-part plan — a mind and body balancing act. But most important idea is — SACRIFICE. There are some good tips and anecdotes when appropriate.

Essentially, there needs to be a lot of hard work before you can reap the rewards. You need to keep things in focus and not let the goals be fuzzy. Make a top ten list. Visualize the success so that your subconscious will work toward it. Practice being courageous. Find what scares you and work at it; download; repeat to yourself, "I can do it, I can do it, I can do it" then do it. So the benefits are for nobody but you. There's also talk of exercising to help get the body discipline... get some oxygen to your brain — get the endorphins flowing. And, very good for us readers, there's mention of continuous learning, such as reading one book a week will add up to 50 books a year — where the average American barely reads one book a year. If you read 50 books within your given field, it's like studying for a PhD or so he says... and listening to audiobooks as you drive to work — since all that driving time in a year will add up to a few months or semesters worth of time to learn.

Bottom line: if you need that booster shot of motivation, it's a nice listen.
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