The McDonaldization of Society

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Well, the main idea of the book is to show the effects of fast- EPUBfood chains on society. The McDonaldization of Society EPUB EBook Given an extremely famous example which is MacDonald, the author explains how such a fast-food chain could influence people's values, perceptions, behaviors and lifestyles. Other examples are mentioned also in the book like IKEA and Starbucks ( Starbuckzation !)and how they changed and affected society's lifestyle to a remarkable extent, especially if you were talking about Arabian or Asian countries. And yeah as you keep reading, you see how the author relates his theories to globalization and westernization because-of course-most of these enterprises come from westren countries.

the concept of the book is very INTERESTING, but unfortunately it's written in a very difficult way. I mean all what you see is figures, statistics and barely understandable assumptions. It's not written in a way where the author explains his theories and observations in an UNDERSTANDABLE manner. In all likelihood, It's written for people who do have a good background in sociological sciences. Maybe that's why it was very hard to me to comprehend!

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