The Manchus

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As a Chinese history lover, I thought I knew a lot about the Manchus already: its rise, conquest and the Qing empire in general. The Manchus EPUB EBookRaised in Hong Kong, the standard Chinese history narrative portrays Qing as a dynasty of the ever lasting Chinese empire.The Manchus were quickly sinicized after their conquest, like all other "barbarians" in Chinese history.Manchus simply becomes Chinese, the Chinese culture prevails.

When I bought this book from a second- EPUBhand bookstore, I was expecting a casual reading about the Manchus.I want to learn about interactions between Manchus and non-Chinese, like the Mongols, Russians and other Central Asians.I didn't realize this book is written by a pioneer of a revisionist narrative of the Manchus (and the Qing empire).This book opens my eyes.

This book gives detailed account about the Manchus before the conquest of China in 1644, its origin, constituents, social structure and its evolution, relationship with neighboring regimes, especially the Ming, the Korean court and the Mongols.This part of the Manchu history is much richer than I previously learnt (which only looked at Chinese sources).Many myths broken.The progress of conquest and expansion of the Qing empire is also very interesting.More myths broken.

The chapter on emperor Qianlong is the high point of the book.Qianlong exemplifies the Qing rule: a universal empire with multiple nationality.Rather than being sinicized, as popular artworks often portray him to be, Qianlong is a strong defender of the Manchu culture who happens to be interested in other cultures as well, Chinese, Mongolian in particular.

After that, the book's narrative is close to the traditional one, other than that about the Manchu identity in the nationalistic sense.Therefore, it brings less stimulation but still well written a narrative.The comparison between Qing and other Eurasian land empires (Romanov in Russia, Ottoman, Monguls in India) is very insightful. Like this book? Read online this: Selling a ghost (Simplified Chinese reading comprehension, Level 1, Chinese-English Bilingual ), Understanding Social Exclusion.

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