The Maintains

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The impropriety
of the retinal consciousness
leaves an active instinct in the imagination
which is design. The Maintains EPUB EBook
Is this unfortunate?

Also, somewhat design- EPUBy, capable of some very precise effects.

What is it like to write something like this?I think that's the really interesting point.His experience as different from, for example, yours.

An interesting aspect of the text is the seemingly undeniable extent to which, at times, it forms a coherently interpretable comment on itself.Does this mean its project of resisting such fails, or is it (likely) just a tiny bit more complicated than that?

Dense end.

Listen to him read Polaroid on PennSound.

Look at his Space on Eclipse.

Makes sense that he was a jazz drummer in the mid-late '60s.Luckily.

I've had a thought...: why does someone like this care about being a poet?Like, I was thinking about Bruce Andrews (who, of course, I don't know enough about): why write poetry at that point?Why not forget about the whole poetry world?I guess this is just a pessimistic way of looking at poetry.Maybe poetry is big enough to contain radically distinct viewpoints (even when they look like each other, geometrically, from a distance).Poetry, perhaps, tends to be associated with the things about it which a radical person would react against, or at the very least lose interest in.

But, really, how can something look so like "poetry" while at the same time taking so little advantage of the ready-made methodologies which poetry furnishes?Perhaps it is not so simple as thinking that these methodologies are contradictory to an avant-garde or a disjunctivism.Indeed, thinking of it as disjunctive is perhaps already looking at it from outside.The point is to go in and out. Like this book? Read online this: Modern American Poetry and Modern British Poetry, Understanding Social Exclusion.

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