The Lost Tombs of Thebes

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The foothills of the Theban massif, not far from Egypt& download; #8217;s Valley of the Kings, are filled with hundreds of impressive tombs from the New Kingdom belonging to the people who served the pharaohs. The Lost Tombs of Thebes EPUB EBook Just a handful are open to the public; many others are closed and can be visited only by scholars; still others have been hidden under villages built over the past centuries and have only recently been discovered.

Written by world- EPUBrenowned Egyptologist Zahi Hawass and illustrated with spectacular new photographs by Sandro Vannini, this new book gives an unprecedented access to these largely inaccessible tombs. It reveals some of the most exquisite examples of Egyptian art to be found anywhere in the land of the Nile, reflecting the aristocratic status of the tombs’ owners.

At the heart of the book, three major chapters examine the glorious paintings and exquisitely sculpted reliefs that depict daily life on earth and life in paradise. Other chapters place the tomb owners in their historical context, explore the architecture and construction of the tombs, display the lavish burial equipment, and discuss the vital ongoing work of restoration and conservation. A reference section includes maps, plans, and a checklist of tombs. Like this book? Read online this: The Rock Tombs of El Amarna Volume 18, Imperial Tombs of China.

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