The Lore of Scotland

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A rich guide to a fascinating set of myths, this book explores the legends attached to buildings such as Balbegno Castle, whose last Laird was killed in battle before returning as a ghost to prophecy a friend’s future greatness; download; examines the tales behind landscape features such as Dowalton Loch, said to contain an ancient village in its depths; and looks at the strange events commemorated by monuments such as the Martyr’s Tomb in Wigtown, erected in memory of the "Covenanters," who resisted Charles II’s 1679 reintroduction of bishops. The Lore of Scotland EPUB EBook Along the way, it explains when these stories date from, how they arose, and what historical events—if any—underlie them, and the result is an endlessly fascinating exploration of the astonishing wealth of Scottish folklore.
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