The Long Night (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 14)

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The Long Night is the tale of one world's ruler that escapes a revolution only to be lost to history through the act of betrayal. The Long Night (Star Trek Deep Space Nine, No 14) EPUB EBook Eight hundred years have past since the Nibix has gone missing with all hands. Now, a prized relic from the ship's extensive treasure holds has wound up in Quark's bar. If the relic can be traced back to the lost Nibix ship the entire quadrant can be flipped upside down by civil war and the quest for the ship's riches.

Although I found this book to be both well written and, at times, entertaining, I thought the author's were incredibly repetitive in their storylines and missed huge opportunities to write what would have been a great story. At nearly 300 hundred pages long the book tells the reader dozens of times how the entire sector of space could be impacted by the discovery of the Nibix. How civil war could break out. How lives could be put in jeopardy. But in all of the 300 pages the author's never took a moment to actually delve into what that would look like, they just keep repeating how dangerous the discovery of the vessel could be.

The second storyline of the book is Jake's and Nog's adventure into newly discovered tunnels in the station's walls. There are a bunch of things wrong with this storyline as well. First is that Chief O'Brien is so worried about Jake's safety around these tunnels that he wants Nog to go with him in case there are old Cardassian traps that may put the young man at risk. During this time in the DS9 timeline, Nog is about to go off to the Academy, but has never shown too much an interest in mechanical objects like his father, so why him? In fact, wouldn't a better storyline have been that Garak joined Jake? After all, a Cardassian spy knowing about Cardassian spying would seem like a better fit. However, Garak is never even mentioned in the book, which sounds strange given that everyone assumes Garak is a spy and they find Cardassian spy tunnels on the station.

But for me the book's death knell is that the whole book is one giant build up to a minor fight amongst a handful of species all trying to get at the Nibix. The story spends a ton of time warning about the events surrounding the discovery of the Nibix and the affect that would have on the sector, but none of that comes to be. And in the end all that time dedicated to that story is wasted by the Great Leader not being awaken until the very end of the book.

In the end, though, the story is entertaining but has none of the traditional Star Trek feel of discovery and the repercussions of the Federation sticking their noses into the unknown and then fighting the consequences of their doing so. And at the end of the 300 pages nothing is really worked out because the authors never really cared to explore the things they spent so much time trying to build up.

A yawn from me on this one. Like this book? Read online this: Jake (Inked Brothers: Jake Book 1), Q-Space (Star Trek: The Next Generation #47; The Q Continuum, #1).

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