The Littlest Pumpkin

EPUB EBook by R.A. Herman

EBook Description

This is a reasonably fun book about the littlest pumpkin in a pumpkin patch at a farmers market stand. The Littlest Pumpkin EPUB EBook He dreams of being the chosen jack o lantern at a big Halloween party. Lots of children and families come along and choose other pumpkins until there is only the littlest pumpkin left and the stand is closed. The pumpkin is sad but then the mice start decorating for their party and choose the littlest pumpkin as their centerpiece and carve it into a jack O lantern.
Whilst fun and gentle, the story is a bit freaky. There are some issues with continuity - EPUB it felt hard to keep reading from a page to the next. It's also a bit sad and a bit freaky that the pumpkin wants to be chosen to be chopped up!! Like this book? Read online this: The Pumpkin Patch Parable, The Littlest Dragon.

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