The Literature of Eighteenth-Century Russia

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This unique two- EPUBvolume history and anthology is a publication of the greatest significance. The Literature of Eighteenth-Century Russia EPUB EBookNot only does it present a full description and analysis of eighteenth-century Russian literature, but it also collects together for the first time in English many of the most significant works of this period.

The span of this collection is 1689-1801, and the contents are divided into the following three main parts: "The Age of Peter the Great (1689-1725)," "Peter's Successors to the Ascension of Catherine II (1725-1762)," and "The Reigns of Catherine II (1762-1796) and Paul I (1796-1801)." In these two volumes Dr. Segel has provided over 700 pages of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama by Prokopovich, Kantemir, Trediakovskii, Lomonosov, Sumarakov, Catherine II, Novikov, Fonvizin, Radishchev, Karamzin, Emin, Chulkov, Kheraskov, Derzhavin, and Kniazhnin.The anthology is also handsomely illustrated throughout. Like this book? Read online this: The Memoirs of Catherine the Great, The Eighteenth Century.

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