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Thousands of startups, corporations — and even individuals — are branding themselves incorrectly. The Lean Brand EPUB EBook Misunderstanding the relationship between brands and customers causes these companies to miss out on millions of dollars of sales and leave their customers unsatisfied.

Great brands do more than just satisfy customers, they create passionate ones.

The Lean Brand is the first book to apply lean principles to brand development to teach you how to develop meaningful relationships with your audience based on a shared journey of value creation.

Distilling years of experience in branding and the lean startup movement, New York Times bestselling author Brant Cooper and sought after branding consultant Jeremiah Gardner join forces to teach you:

- EPUB The Lean Brand Framework to understand how customers and brands really interact

- How to use Viability Experiments to test and iterate your brand and find Product-Market-Brand fit

- A set of tools including the Persona Grid, the MVB Canvas, the Experiment Map and the Value Stream Matrix that will help you develop your brand properly

- How successful brands like Buffer and SoulPancake have used lean branding to build a loyal customer base Like this book? Read online this: Today's Lean Leader - A Practical Guide to Applying Lean Six Sigma and Emerging Technologies to Leadership and Supervision!, Brand New Brand Thinking.

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