The Last Resort (Kate Jasper, #2)

EPUB EBook by Jaqueline Girdner

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I like this second book int he Kate Jasper series but not as much as the first one. The Last Resort (Kate Jasper, #2) EPUB EBookHappens sometimes with second books so I hope she rebounds with #3.

Kate rushes down to a health spa to try and help ex- EPUBhusband Craig who is under suspicion for murdering his fiancee.Craig figures since she solved the murder before she can solve this one and get him off the hook.I didn't much care for Craig in the first book and his larger role in this book didn't do much for me.Wayne, Kate's current love, doesn't show up until about half-way through the book and I missed him, I believe he could become my favorite character.

The spa is populated by an amazing group of odd people including the owners.With the large cast of suspects it is hard for Kate to even find a path for finding the killer.The local police aren't happy that she is there, which is normal but makes it more difficult for Kate.

I didn't figure out the killer but once it was revealed it made perfect sense.I like that in a book, make you think - "duh, I should have seen that coming".

I'll read the next one which I hope with have a lot less Craig and a whole lot more Wayne. Like this book? Read online this: Kate's Christmas Colouring Book, Last Resort (Desire Resort, #1).

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