The Last Days of Hitler

EPUB EBook by Hugh Trevor-Roper

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In September 1945, the fate of Hitler was a complete mystery. The Last Days of Hitler EPUB EBook He had simply disappeared, missing for four months. The author, a British counter- EPUBintelligence officer, was given the task of solving this mystery. His brilliant piece of detective work not only proved that Hitler had killed himself in Berlin, but also produced one of the most fascinating history books ever written. His book tells the extraordinary story of those last days in the Berlin Bunker. The New Statesman has called this book "incomparable… download; by far the best written on any aspect of the second German war-a book sound in scholarship, brilliant in its presentation." Chapters include: Hitler & his court. Hitler in defeat. The court in defeat. Crisis & decision. Siege of the Bunker. Et Tu Brute. Death of Hitler. Epilogue. Notes on sources. Index. Like this book? Read online this: The Hitler Book, The Wisdom Of Asia 365 Days (365 Days).

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