The Lamb and the Lion

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I read this in preparation for a new sermon series on Revelation. The Lamb and the Lion EPUB EBook It is a good overview - EPUB some sections more helpful than others (you can tell this book was not "written" but compiled through public lectures and years of accumulated reflection.)

The greatest takeaway is his attention to the Lion and Lamb motif presented in Revelation 5. He understands this motif as central to Revelation: "It provides us with a symbolic representation of the message of the whole book of Revelation" (138). Indeed, page 138-139 alone is worth the price of the book: "The paradox of the majesty of the Lion revealed in the suffering of the Lamb is the paradox of the conquest of God through our Saviour Christ. It is the paradox of the church through which Christ conquers the world, a church which can be the agent of this conquest only by reflecting the nature of its head - the suffering Lamb. It is the paradox of individual and corporate Christian existence as every believer engages in life-and-death struggle against the world, the flesh, and the devil, while at the same time rejoicing in the fact that we have already overcome in Christ. It is the paradox of the overlap of the ages in which the kingdom of God, having already broken into this age in Christ, is being formed in us, and yet remains a future event..."

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