The Kitchen Witch Companion

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Meals can be more than a time for simply filling one's stomach. The Kitchen Witch Companion EPUB EBook With The Kitchen Witch Companion, pagans can satisfy the spirit too. Bestselling Wicca author, Patricia Telesco shows gastronomes and practitioners how to whip up wonderful, whimsical, and edible magic right in their own homes. With delectable recipes for love (Lusty Lobster, Enchantment Pork with Mango) and health (Plum Dandy Sauce) to the history and lore of spiritual work at the grill, to advice on safety and storage and tools of the trade, this is much more than an ordinary cookbook. Combining alchemy with culinary expertise, Telesco invites readers to unleash the potential for positive energy, serenity, and good fortune in every dish, with special tips on how to:
- EPUB Find Enchanting Ingredients in the Local Foodstore
- Add Love, Safety, and Protection to Every Recipe
- Energize Yourself and Your Utensils with Spells
- Prepare Special Feasts, Celebrations, and Dinner Decorations
- Create Blissful Barbecues, Good Vibration Veggies, and Sweet, Spiritual Treats
- Perform Mealtime Blessings and Clean-up Charms
- Includes over 100 recipes that will add good magic to every meal Like this book? Read online this: The New Gluten-Free Recipes, Ingredients, Tools and Techniques, Green Witch, Dead Witch (Det. Annie Avants Book 4).

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