The Kentucky Cycle

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An intricate, grand epic set in my home state—and a play, no less! The Kentucky Cycle is a perambulation through several generations of the Rowen family. The Kentucky Cycle EPUB EBook The audience witnesses Michael Rowen, the patriarch, swindle a tract of land from Indians, and several generations later, we see the same land swindled from the family by a fast talking coal company representative.

It could just be my provenance, but the hills of Eastern Kentucky seem to me some of the richest land there is, steeped in blood; download; old, rusty things hiding in the brush; grand views marred by strip coal mines and high tension wires; chance encounters with three legged deer; long, untidy beards hiding tobacco stained teeth; rustles in the trailside kudzu, possibly a prowling lion; pictograms of hunters and antlered things drawn on the underside of cliffs, whether by ancient Indians or a mischievous camper I know not.

Eastern Kentucky is the best possible setting for a book, and sadly underutilized. Like this book? Read online this: Mean Things Happening in This Land, In Old Kentucky.

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