The Joy Compass

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Do you long for the ability to live fully in the moment? Do you wish that you could transcend everyday worries, dissolve discontent, and find true happiness? If so, The Joy Compass is your guide. The Joy Compass EPUB EBook

Packed with tips and strategies for overriding the brain’s natural negativity bias, this practical pocket guide will teach you to recognize your negative moods as early as possible and refocus your attention toward the people, pleasures, and thoughts that bring you the most joy. Inside, you’ll find eight unique mindfulness pathways to align your personal happiness compass and keep joy within arm’s reach—no matter the situation. So get ready to reset your moods, release your laughter, and discover meaning and happiness right here, right now. Like this book? Read online this: The Straight Arrow To More Happiness & Positive Thinking - End The Negativity And Attract More Into Your Life, Christ Our Compass.

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