The Influence of Seapower Upon History

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I can't add anything significantly different to some of the reviews already posted. The Influence of Seapower Upon History EPUB EBookThis edition of the work is very good and is a very interesting read.Strategically, many of Mahan's conclusions still apply today, even though he was writing with an eye to advocating for a larger navy and these conclusions are much more difficult to execute in the 21st century's shrinking U.S. Navy.Also, fleet on fleet engagements are a thing of the past.Mahan's emphasis on the navy leaves out the fact that we live on land, and the navy is at best a strategic adjunct.I couldn't help but think of the controversy surrounding the LCS, both from a naval construction and architectural standpoint and from a utilization perspective.This weapons platform seems to be going in the opposite direction envisioned by Mahan.His strategic overview of the American revolution is insightful and still relevant for those who are interested in how naval warfare influenced the strategic outcome of the war.It is possible to read only those chapters of the work and still come away with a solid feel for Mahan's strategic vision. Like this book? Read online this: Strategic Writing, Naval Blockades and Seapower.

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