The Incomparable Christ

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A 2002 Logos Association Best Book award winner Everyone has something to say about Jesus. The Incomparable Christ EPUB EBook Sorting through the numerous books of recent years, you may find yourself lost in a thicket of viewpoints, some troubling to faith, some puzzling to the intellect. But John Stott, one of the outstanding evangelical voices of the last half century, offers in The Incomparable Christ an enriching vision of Jesus that defies measurment. In this newly Americanized, paperback edition Stott invites you to view Jesus from four perspectives: The Original Jesus: How the New Testament witnesses to Jesus in the Gospels, Acts and the Letters The Ecclesiastical Jesus: How the church has presented Jesus historically, from Justin Martyr, Benedict and Anselm, to Thomas A Kempis, Martin Luther and Thomas Jefferson, to Gustavo GuitiErrez, N. T. Wright, and the Edinburgh and Lausanne missionary confessions of the twentieth century The Influential Jesus: How people from St. Francis to Tolstoy, from Gandhi to Roland Allen, from Father Damien to William Wilberforce have taken inspiriation from him The Eternal Jesus: How he continually challenges today's men and women through ten visions from the book of Revelation This is the Jesus who is like no other—worthy of your worship, your confession and your obedience as you follow him into the future." Like this book? Read online this: The suppressed Gospels and Epistles of the original New Testament of Jesus the Christ, Volume 7, Barnabas, Exploits Of The Incomparable Mulla Nasrudin.

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