The Imperial Stars (Family d'Alembert, #1)

EPUB EBook by E.E. "Doc" Smith

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Doc Smith wrote a novella, "Imperial Stars," published in If magazine, but nothing further and no outlines or plot ideas. The Imperial Stars (Family d'Alembert, #1) EPUB EBook Stephen Goldin expanded the novella into a novel and then wrote 9 more books in the series.

It's the 25th Century, and humanity has colonized a great deal of the galaxy, including several worlds apparently inhospitable to homo sapiens. The form of government selected to unite scattered humanity is an old- EPUBfashioned Empire, with hereditary monarchs, powerful aristocracy, but, happily, no serfs.

A massive military and Secret Service is needed to keep this far-flung empire together. And you will be surprised at the hidden headquarters of the organization of spies and agents known as SOTE (Service of the Empire). Like this book? Read online this: Mistress of the Empire (The Empire Trilogy, #3), Blood Of Stars And Gods (Stars and Souls #2).

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