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Now that I've read Tony Kushner's adaptation, I would like to read the original and see how they differ. The Illusion EPUB EBook The play follows a father who has cast out his son, even thought of killing him, who seeks out a magician to give him news of his prodigal offspring. The magician shows Pridamant scenes from his son's life, the same people in the same roles but different names, different situations.

While Pridamant believes his son to be a suffering you man fighting his way through life and love, he is intensely invested in his life and once again meeting him. As soon as Alcandre, the magician, reveals his son is alive, not fighting for his life, but a popular actor and the scenes he has seen, scenes from plays his son has been in, the romance of the lost son is gone. Pridamant becomes disappointed by the reality of the situation versus the illusion. Which I think Kushner to trying to play up. Like this book? Read online this: American Scenes in Everyday Life in Historic Photos, Illusion and Reality.

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