The Hunt for Aurra Sing

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Basically fine for what it is but what it is doesn't amount to a whole lot of very much. The Hunt for Aurra Sing EPUB EBookThe Hunt for Aurra Sing is more Aurra Sing hunting a bunch of dull Jedi for money that she doesn't need because she apparently enjoys killing Jedi anyway; download; particularly her former master, the strangely for a Jedi titled "Dark Woman".Well the artwork and the pacing is fairly crisp and clean in this way.It's short so there's no time to really get bored until the final issue hits and you realise that the story isn't going to go anywhere, but a couple of Jedi do realise that "shucks, life as a Jedi isn't black & white.There's a good path and a dark path and ... oh, whaddya mean you've heard that one before??"

Perfectly diversionary but one wonders why Truman wasn't thinking a bit bigger with these stories - EPUB or maybe he was, just that Ostrander's writing was so much better it eventually took centre stage for this title. Like this book? Read online this: Jedi Knight (Star Wars: Dark Forces, #3), Sing, Elvis, Sing!.

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