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I Have read several different editions of 'the Gita (Geeta') starting with 'The B. The Holy Geeta EPUB EBookG as it is' as well as other more classic translations, However Chinmaya's edition has to be my favourite, as well as being the the longest.
The B.G. itself is pretty much the same in each edition, with some minor variations in the translations, but it the commentaries that make the difference.I must confess I've not read all of the book as it runs to over 1200 pages, but I have read the sections of the Geeta that most gripped me when I first read it and Chinmaya's analysis of those sections is fantastic, as well as being very thought provoking, particularly when Chinmaya speaks of Arjuna's situation in psychological terms. As a former psychotherapist this appeals to me. However this dose not take anything away from the fact that the Geeta is a powerful spiritual texts, which leads to Krishna.

If I have any criticism with this edition it would be with the printing and not the text. Because the book is so long the paper is thin and there is some bleed though of the ink, nevertheless it is a remarkable edition (and well worth is low price tag) Like this book? Read online this: What to Read, and How to Read, Being Classified Lists of Choice Reading., Red Hot and Holy.

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