The Heart of the Five Love Languages

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I truly enjoyed reading this book. The Heart of the Five Love Languages EPUB EBook I am very weary of books that discuss marriage and how to work out problems in a marriage. I feel like alot of marriage books can be a little too extreme and can vear you down a path that may not be the best path.

However, this book was very different. Gary Chapman discusses 5 Love Languages. Quality Time. Words of Affirmation. Physical Touch. Acts of Service. Gifts. He talks about how everyone has a different love language and in a marriage it's important to understand our partners love language and do our best to "speak" it. He also discusses that it isn't an easy task to do so. For example: My love language is receiving gifts whether they are thoughtful, homemade, tangible, or just doing something nice for me. My spouse isn't always good at doing this. However, we learned from the book that if you aren't speaking your partners love language then they start to feel unloved. So for me a gift can be doing the dishes, making the bed, taking me out to dinner ot a movie, buying me an unexpected gift, etc., etc.

It was very interesting to read and to learn that everyone wishes to be treated a different way in order to feel loved. I found it to be very inspiring. Like this book? Read online this: Love, Sex and Marriage, Loving Constance (Love Inspired #277) (Love Inspired #277) (Sisters of the Heart Trilogy #3).

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