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The complete guide to the production of Doctor Who from 1963 to 1996 - EPUB in one bumper volume! On their first publication, the Doctor Who Handbooks were hailed for their comprehensive behind the scenes exploration of the BBC's cult science fiction show Doctor Who. The Handbook EPUB EBook Now collected in a revised and updated edition, this book is the definitive guide to the background and production of a television classic. Authors David J Howe, Stephen James Walker and Mark Stammers spent a decade researching, and then a decade writing this acclaimed and in-depth look at the background to Doctor Who. Every Doctor's era is examined through articles and analysis, key decisions are documented, and the people involved in these decisions interviewed or quoted to create one of the most revealing behind the scenes books on the trials and tribulations of arguably the greatest cult show ever to grace Saturday evening television. Includes extensive interview quotes from all eight television Doctors, many of the actors and actresses who played their faithful companions, and literally dozens of production team members - producers, script editors, directors, designers and other behind-the-scenes staff - who brought the original series and the 1996 TV movie to the screen over a period of some thirty-three years. Features articles on the Doctor, his companions, the effects, the locations, the costume design, the script editing, the mythos behind the series and much, much more. Includes detailed script to screen examinations of one story from each for the first seven Doctors' eras, analysis of the media attention given to the series, plus an exhaustive breakdown of the production of the first three years of the show. Like this book? Read online this: Doctor Who (Doctor Who: The 11th Doctor, Season One:), Machinery's Handbook Toolbox Edition (Machinery's Handbook).

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