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The Guest is a short story by the amazingly talented Karen Dales, and is a excellent introduction into the world of her fascinating mind as it weaves a great storyline for us all as readers to enjoy over and over again. The Guest (The Chosen Chronicles #0.5) EPUB EBook Such a short story, yet it is filled with so much information that you will swear that you have read a much larger novel than what you have actually just read. Just when I was getting into what was happening it came to a end. (must check to see if this particular story is a full length one)

The Guest is a story about a man whom we only know as “The Guest” who had sought and was given refuge at a Montessori a very long time ago. Excepted for who is, and not condemned by the monks as he had been by just about every mortal that he came across.
Living a peaceful and purposeful life among them, he learned of their ways and cared for them as they had cared for him all these years.

The Master has grown old, frail and in pain over the years as his life has moved on as it should… This life, but he is ready for this life to come to a end as it should but is comforted knowing that he will return, as he has many times before. A request asked by one, A promise given by two, A promise known by many.

The sadness and sorrow of the fellow monks of the Montessori is felt throughout, each knelt in their own prayers of guidance to deal with their Masters pending death, and departure from this life.
Time is growing near, the monks seek their Guest. It is time for a promise to be fulfilled. The Guest knows that he must do as he promised, although he has conflicting emotions on what was asked of him many years before. It is something that he wouldn’t bring on anyone. They walk in silence to their Master’s room where they find him resting, The Guest tells his Master, although he already knows that his Master knows his feelings on the matter…. It’s not something he wish to do, but to end his Master’s suffering and pain, he will carry out the Master’s wishes.

With the taste of ancient death still on his lips, as he pulls back from his Master and sees him in death a great sadness fills him. He hadn’t wanted this, to do to another, as he had been done to him.
They now prepare for their Master’s life to return to them, as it will, as it has many times before. To be reborn.

Thank you so much Karen Dales for this wonderful short story, it has left me with a renewed sense of returning after death, as I truly feel we all will. Although not in the same sense that this has been told, but we will return in another form to rejoin those that love us and those that we love.

I would recommend: YA and up
Rating: 5/5 angel stars

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