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The Great American Bathroom Book had its beginnings on a cross- EPUBcountry flight, as Lan England started wishing he had a short summary of every classic he'd heard about but didn't have time to read. The Great American Bathroom Book EPUB EBookLan decided he wasn't the only person who felt this way. He hired Stevens Anderson, an editor, who hired college professors and other bookworms who loved to read. The result was the The Great American Bathroom Book, Vol I, a collection of 130 2-page summaries from great books of all genres, from Don Quixote to The Road Less Traveled. Volume I also features 90 research overviews on subjects like "Putting Spark in Your Relationships", "Managing Conflict", "Time-saving Tips", and more.

Volume II features over 220 book summaries and a section of Quotes and Anecdotes. Volume III has more than 180 new summaries, as well as 8 Thought Collections and sections of Facts and Inquiries. Like this book? Read online this: American Heritage(r) Book of Great American Speeches for Young People, The Great American Novel.

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