The Gingham Dog - Acting Edition

EPUB EBook by Lanford Wilson

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Gloria and Vincent, a once happily married couple, are suffering through the first days of their separation. The Gingham Dog - EPUB Acting Edition EPUB EBook Vincent has decided to move out, and as they divide their possessions amidst the mutual recriminations and accusations, their tolerance level for each other sinks. Vincent does indeed leave but returns early the next morning in a semi-drunken state. The household possessions that had proven to be so symbolic in defining their relationship are no longer there, for they are no longer important. They bicker again, but this time, with their defenses lowered, the young, innocent and honest couple they had been during the first year of their marriage resurfaces. Neither gets their trust up far enough to admit their shortcomings, however. They lapse into a cheery charade of friendliness, until Vincent leaves Gloria for good, casting a shadow on any hope of reconciliation. Like this book? Read online this: Vincent Van Gogh, Taking Sides - Acting Edition.

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