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Growing up, children are often shy when they are around other people. The Giant Jelly Bean Jar EPUB EBook Even though they might usually be loud and adventurous, other kids can make them self- EPUBconscience or even embarrassed. This specific struggle comes into place during The Giant Jelly Bean Jar, written by Marcie Aboff. The beginning of the story introduces two characters, Ben and Jill, who are siblings. Every week they love to go down to Jo-Jo’s Jelly Bean Shop and look at all the different flavors that are offered. Each time they go, there is a contest where the kids try to figure out one of Jo-Jo’s riddles. Whoever raises their hand and shouts the correct answer is given a whole jar of jelly beans. Every time Ben goes he knows the answer to the weekly riddle. Unfortunately he is extremely shy and is never able to speak loud enough when it comes time to answer the question. It is not until his sister, Jill, helps encourage him is he able to answer the riddle proudly and receive a jar.
Throughout The Giant Jelly Bean Jar, there many literary devices that help contribute to strong character development and the overall theme. I loved the fact that instead of the main character being this bold, outrageous, and confident character Marcie Aboff took the idea of having the main character struggle to find his way. Ben is faced with the conflict of character vs. character every week as he tries to win the jar or jelly beans. All of his friends and classmates that would also go to Jo-Jo’s shop make fun of him and tell him he’s too shy to ever win anything. As readers, we get to see Ben rise above the teasing he receives which develops his character. The style and tone of the book was still light-hearted but brought a blanched conflict to the overall portrayal of the book. The struggles were resolved which created an impactful ending. The color scheme and page layout also brought a great element to the story as well. The jelly bean shop was filled with bright yellows, reds, and purples that brought a cheery and childish atmosphere to the storyline.
Overall, The Giant Jelly Bean Jar was an excellent read. I loved being along for the ride as Ben struggled to rise about others making fun of him. He kept trying to become braver and eventually succeeded. This children’s book was an easy read that taught a lesson while being enjoyable.
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