The Ghost of Ernie P.

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The name of this book is " The Ghost of Ernie P. The Ghost of Ernie P. EPUB EBook" The author of this book is Betty Ren Wright. In this book, there is a lot of suspence in every chapter which makes me want to keep reading. This book is about a kid named Jeff whose friend Ernie gets killed by a freak accident. Ernie had a Top Secret Project. His Top Secret Project was to bully a girl named Margo Muggin into doing what he wanted. If she refused, he'd tell everyone she was a witch, and her new life in Treverton would be spoiled. Since Ernie had been killed, it cut short his Top Secret Project. Jeff then gets haunted by Ernie's ghost and is pushed toward carrying out Ernie's secret project. I recommend this book for readers that like lots of mystery and suspense. The genre of this book is mystery. Thank you for listening. Like this book? Read online this: Ernie and Bert Can...Can You?, Ernie's Journeys.

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