The Gentleman From San Francisco

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While you can see how being dead makes you irrelevant to the world, the symbol being used (a dead rich American) gets in the way of that poetic interpretation and gives way to a highly political post WWI interpretation. The Gentleman From San Francisco EPUB EBookAs an American I didn't see the bland, rich American as a symbol for anything else than for America in Europe.He goes with his family to Europe to enjoy themselves, and after he dies the Italian managers put him into a box previously used for food just to get his corpse out of their hotel.The creulty towards the gentleman's family from the Italians is the treating of his body like a burden for their time and not caring about his family's tragedy at all. As he is a stand in for America, the message is clear, Europeans love America for its money and the moment it isn't giving them money they will put whatever is left into a box and ship it home. This story was written before our soldiers fought and died in WWI but it has a political view that an angry soldier who doesn't want to fight for European countries could get behind.
The gentleman from San Francisco was told he would have an adventure in Europe for a couple years and go home happy. Instead he has an uncomfortable time, dies, and then discarded like a broken tool with no consideration as to what that does to his family. That is pretty much how Americans felt about WWI before WWII. Like this book? Read online this: All in the Family (Men Made In America 2 Series, #48), Gentleman Jim.

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