The Four Winds

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"The Splendid Emperor, Toturi I, is dead. The Four Winds EPUB EBook Though his reign was not always peaceful, he is remembered as one of the Empire's most courageous rulers. He as a man of honor and principles, willing and able to hold together the divisive Great Clan or Rokugan, sometimes through sheer force of will.

With Toturi's death, his reign passes to the Empress, the Oracle of the Void, But she vanished without naming a successor, and Toturi's four children begin to vie with one another over their father's Empire. THe conflict of the Four Winds will shape the future of the Empire.

And when one of Toturi's heris takes the throne, he will find his trials are only beginning."

This book contains:

- EPUB Complete timelines, describing the story arcs of Gold and Diamond from the L5R CCG
- Rules for Advanced Schools and paths.
- Story ideas revolving around this tumult time Like this book? Read online this: The Empire Novels (Galactic Empire, #1-3), The Winds that Stir.

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