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These are thorough and insightful literary analyses on the central issues of femininity—the feeling of psychic suffocation when one is consistently being caring of others, the relation of beauty and power, the general contempt for the woman who pursues an intimate spiritual existence on her own terms. The Female Imagination EPUB EBook

As far as writers and writing itself, the firstchapter "Theorists" is all you really have to read for that pursuit. Often the female writer is pushed up against the obstacle of 1) wanting to write a poignantly female book and 2) fearing that might be to the detriment of her art, seeing it is difficult to view the poignantly female as anything other than reactive and secondary.

The thesis behind this is that many poignantly female books revolve around somebody breaking out and not acquiescing to the generic female role. The Awakening, much of Virginia Woolf, for example...these center around reactive rejections of expectations. How might one write a female book that speaks for itself without dependence on some dysfunctional view of women to take off from? Who wants to write something that is passionate and adamant only that it is not something else? Is "the female" as a trope either
"pleasingly" complacent, or otherwise doomed to be reactive? There seems to be some dichotomy in the mind of female authors between the female as an aesthetic creature and the female as an existential creature, as if there were no way for her to synthesize her own aesthetic with a good side dish of that same existentialism.

These are great questions that Spacks delves into in this particular chapter. The rest of the book struggles with the themes of the titles in their respective chapters. I particularly appreciated her focus on George Eliot.

I suppose I expected something more philosophical but that was probably ill- EPUBadvised given the back cover. So to be fair, as literary analysis, it excels.

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