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The first time I thought about picking this book up was in 1992 when I saw it at the UCONN CO- EPUBOP. The Fast Carriers EPUB EBookI didn't buy the book though I should have.I finally got around to reading the book in 2010 and was pleasantly surprised by the book.I have read Clark Reynolds material before and found it nothing but hero worship for Admiral Joseph J "Jocko" Clark.I was expecting more of the same with Fast Carriers instead it was a well thought out, researched and clearly articulated history and interpretation of the Fast Carrier Task Forces.

If you are picking this book up for a ship by ship summary then you will be disappointed.This is the history of the evolution of a doctrine and naval theory.While that sounds dull Reynolds is equal to the task of making the subject interesting and relevant to a study of the WWII Pacific campaigns. What he does well is interweaves the beginning of the doctrine into its first practices to intra-service fights about the role of aviation to the maturing of the doctrine to the implementation of the doctrine.He does this with a gift of a fine historian with a nice pace and a historian's wisdom of what to include and what to exclude.

While I disagree with the conclusion that the Fast Carriers were the reason for victory (they were a part of a team that won not the only part of that equation) the majority of his conclusions are solid with a wealth of support.Reynolds doesn't hold his punches on his feelings towards the admirals he is studying primarily Fleet Admiral Halsey and Vice Admiral McCain.What was refreshing was even though he has a distinct bias for the Fast Carriers he recognizes as a good historian that after May 1945 the mission for them was for the most part gone.

The only other slight complaint is a style complaint about him over identifying with his subjects.He knew many of these men and used their nicknames often.This detracts from the book because the reader needs the information about the topic and the nicknames while shows familiarity doesn't help with the knowledge of the topic.

This is a book that will be on my bookshelf and re-read.I can't believe it took me eighteen years to read such a fine book. Like this book? Read online this: The Big Book of Juice Fast Cleanse and Detox Recipes, The Lexington Class Carriers.

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