The Fallen Sparrow

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This is another random used- EPUBbook store find, a hardboiled thriller of 1940s vintage, about a man who escapes from a two-year sojourn in a horrible Spanish prison, where he was tormented for unspecified information by a person of shuffling gait that he called "the Wobblefoot. The Fallen Sparrow EPUB EBook" Back in New York, while looking into the mysterious death of a childhood friend, Louie, he realizes that his European nemeses have followed him. There are also a number of good-looking "dames" in the story, all of them associated somehow with his potential enemies: are they in on it, too, or do they need his protection?

I probably would never have picked this up if it weren't for my quirky personal quest to find as many books as I can with a bird in the title, but it wasn't bad. It's not on the caliber of, say, Raymond Chandler, but fans of the genre should enjoy it. Apparently there was a movie based on it, too. Like this book? Read online this: A Bad Boy is Good to Find, Sparrow.

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