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The Environmental Moment is a collection of documents that reveal the significance of the years 1968- EPUB1972 to the environmental movement in the United States. The Environmental Moment EPUB EBook With material ranging from short pieces from the Whole Earth Catalog and articles from the Village Voice to lectures, posters, and government documents, the collection describes the period through the perspective of a diversity of participants, including activists, politicians, scientists, and average citizens. Included are the words of Rachel Carson, but also the National Review, Howard Zahniser on wilderness, Nathan Hare on the Black underclass. The chronological arrangement reveals the coincidence of a multitude of issues that rushed into public consciousness during a critical time in American history.

"A fascinating collection of some of the most compelling arguments in the late 1960s and early 1970s about the environmental crisis. It makes clever use of images, cartoons, PSAs, letters, and testimony." - Char Miller, author of Gifford Pinchot and the Making of Modern Environmentalism

"Concentrating on a period of upheaval and change, years when environmentalism developed as part of larger social and cultural currents, The Environmental Moment gives students an in-depth look at environmentalism emerging, affecting, and being shaped by other interests in American society and the economy." - Thomas R. Dunlap, editor of DDT, Silent Spring, and the Rise of Environmentalism

"The Environmental Moment is lively and eclectic and does an impressive job of combining classic documents with less well-known ones to get readers thinking about this seemingly familiar topic in unfamiliar ways." - from the Foreword by William Cronon

David Stradling is professor of history at the University of Cincinnati. He is the author of Making Mountains: New York City and the Catskills and The Nature of New York: An Environmental History of the Empire State and editor of Conservation in the Progressive Era. Like this book? Read online this: Environmental History of the Hudson River, IN THIS MOMENT.

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